Pangaea Partners

Pangaea Partners was founded in 1989 to provide expert investment banking and financial consulting services in emerging markets.  Pangaea's operations have focused on projects involving:

  • fund-raising or financial advice,
  • privatisation and M&A transactions for buyers and sellers,
  • capital markets development,
  • consulting services and training for commercial and export banks, stock brokers and other financial institutions, and
  • housing developments and finance

in emerging markets such as those in the former Soviet Union, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.


Providing Financial Services and Housing to Emerging Markets

Pangaea Partners takes its name from the ancient Greek word meaning “all earth”. Two-Hundred million years ago, Pangaea was the planet’s sole land mass. Later, it divided into today’s continents.  Pangaea, the supercontinent represents both global unity and rapid global change – important concerns of Pangaea Partners.


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